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Collectors on the test rig – Performance

Collector performance is influenced by a wide range of parameters. In order for a system’s effective yield to be predicted these parameters must be known with accuracy. As a general rule the required accuracy can only be achieved by using outdoor measurements.

This is why SPF relies on several fully-equipped solar trackers. A solar simulator is also available for given measurements – in particular in the prototyping stage. A brief summary of the parameters developed for each collector (Solar Collector Factsheets) is available on our homepage. These performance indicators are also released in various formats on our «SPF Info», together with an exhaustive parameter statement and a collector yield calculator.

  • Efficiency curve: Efficiency in relation to collector temperature and solar radiation
  • Angle factor: Efficiency in relation to radiation angle
  • Time constant/thermal capacity: How quickly a collector responds to changes
  • Pressure loss: Pressure drop through the collector dependent on flow-rate
Foto SPF Testdach Solar-Tracker
Foto SPF Sonnen-Simulator

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