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Collectors on the test rig – Quality

Over an expected minimum life-span of 20 years a collector may be exposed to the most extreme stresses: heat, wind, rain, cold, snow, UV radiation, etc. Despite all this collector performance should however not reduce noticeably. A series of varying tests enable collector durability to be proofed to a certain extent.

Tests vary according to the standard applied; not all tests should be carried out for each standard. Specific tests may be also carried out upon request and/or only by the SPF institute.

Should a collector show defects in quality SPF Testing is able to assist the manufacturer in inspecting the cause and finding the most appropriate solution; leave it to us to find faults, not to your customers.

Fotos SPF Tests Regen Hagel Last


  • Pressure test
  • Long-term exposure
  • High temperature resistance
  • Internal thermal shock
  • External thermal shock
  • Wind load
  • Snow load
  • Rain impermeability
  • Torsional resistance
  • Combi-test
  • Impact resistance
  • Hail resistance
  • etc.