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Resistance to hail

SPF Testing carries out hail tests for all elements of the building shell. Hail stone sizes up to 50 mm, as well as different impact velocities and ice temperatures can be selected.

This covers all available test standard. In particular also the impact resistance tests of building products required by building insurances.

Clear ice sphere used for testing
Foto Eiskugel
Typical hail damage
Foto Hagelschaden

The hazard of hail is known very precisely and different hazard zones are distinguished. The building insurances publish a product register (www.hagelregister.ch) of the hail resistance of different collector types.

Risk for hail damage in Switzerland: Classification depending on hail stone diameter (Source: Vereinigung Kantonaler Feuerversicherungen)
Abbildung Hagelgefährdung Schweiz

Contact: O. Türk (Tel. +41 (0)55 222 4167), A. Bohren (Tel. +41 (0)55 222 4825), testing(at)spf.ch