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Measurement methods

  • Power measurement
    The effective power of the panels under standard test conditions as well as at different irradiances is determined using I/V curve measurements. Irregularities in the I/V curve can be identified.
    Full spectrum long pulse LED flasher
    Spectrum: Class A+ according to IEC60904 Ed2
    Long term instability (LTI):  < +/-0.25 % (Class A+++ IEC60904 Ed2)
    Non uniformity: < +/-2 % (Class A IEC60904 Ed2)
    Total irradiance: 200 – 1200 W/m²
    Accuracy of Pmax: better +/-3 % possible
    Tyco Solarlok connectors, adapters for MC3 and MC4
  • Electroluminescence
    High resolution electroluminescence images visualize inactive areas and microcracks in the cell for the human eye.
    2 MBJ NIR-CCD cameras, adaptive and active cooled CCD
    Approx. 300 μm/pixel (equivalent to approx. 20 MPixel for the full PV-panel)
    < 20 s for a full panel image
  • Infrared imaging
    The integrated infrared camera permits the detection of diode failures and hot spots via live view on the monitor.
    Optris based MBJ IR camera
    160 x 120 pixels
    Live view on 24" TFT monitor
  • HighPot
    Through high potential testing insulation and grounding failures can be detected which could easily lead to a security risk.
    Dielectric withstands test according IEC 61730-2 / MST16, testing voltage 6 kV, testing for current below 50 μA.
    Ground continuity test according to IEC 61730-2 / MST13, testing current 30 A, resistance measurements between all 4 frame parts.