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Combi-system testing

The «Concise Cycle Test» method (CCT) is a special dynamic method developed at the SPF institute for the testing of solar combi-systems and heat storages. In the following, the procedure for combi-systems is described:

  • Test-setup
    The entire system, inclusive of auxiliary heating, hydraulics and controllers, is installed on SPF’s indoor test rig. The test-building and the collectors included in the solar loop are emulated in real-time using controlled heat sources and sinks.

  • Test cycle
    A special 12-day test cycle was developed to test a complete, solar-combined heating system in dynamic operation under the boundary conditions that typically occur over the year. Over this period of time the system should operate realistically, with no external interference, to cover the proposed heating and water-heating requirements.
    In the mean time, also a shorter test-sequence with 6 days of testing is available, from which annual performance results can be derived by means of direct extrapolation. Thus, this test procedure delivers results for the annuall performance and all operating conditions of all seasons much faster, preciser, and more cost efficient than field tests. Furthermore, due to the repeatability and accuracy of the test-conditions, the results of different tests can be compared with each other.

  • Annual simulations
    Optionally, a complete simulation model of the tested system can be set up and calibrated with the measured data. With this model not only annual results can be calculated, but also the influence of different factors on the system performance can be determined without the need for further testing. Thus, the performance can be determined for variants of a product or not yet built in improvements. This simulation based optimization saves time and money for prototyping and the development of better products.

  • Research and development
    The combination of different heat sources within a single system sets high standards for the design of hydraulics and controllers. We are able to support your development projects with accurate and efficient measurements. With regard to enhancing your system we provide you with a unique test rig, tried and tested CCT methods as well as our established expertise in system integration.