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Solar Keymark is the official European quality hallmark for solar collectors and systems. It was introduced by the European Committee for Standardization CEN. The Solar Keymark shows the purchaser that a product conforms to the relevant European standard and is regularly monitored by an independent organisation.

The Solar Keymark certification is issued based on the following:

  • Testing to the relevant European standard
    EN 12975 for collectors, EN 12976 for compact systems.
  • Manufacturer quality management
    The manufacturer should operate an appropriate quality management system (at least ISO 9001). Audits are carried out in every case.
  • Sampling
    Collectors and systems submitted for certification are taken from the production line by an independent test laboratory.
  • Regular monitoring of manufacturer’s products and quality management system
    Both products and production processes are regularly monitored by a test laboratory.
    Any changes to products should be reported.

For transparency purposes the results of all tests carried out are published on: www.solarkeymark.org

In the framework of a project supported by the Solar Keymark Certification Fund, SPF offers the Argus newsletter. This newsletter provides up-to-date information about all changes in the European Solar Keymark database.

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