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Stagnation resistance of hydraulic connectors for solar thermal applications

When a solar thermal collector field is not operated despite of high solar irradiation, e.g. because of pump failure or because of unavailability of heat sinks, the solar field goes into stagnation and the hydraulic elements are exposed to thermal stress in combination with evaporation and condensation processes. To be able to cope with stagnation is a normal requirement for any solar thermal installation, and thus it is important that in particular the connecting elements can guarantee a safe and maintenance free operation of the system for the expected lifetime of more than 20 years.

SPF has developed a certification program for the testing and evaluation of the durability of hydraulic connections under extreme conditions of stagnation. During 9 months the connections are exposed to vapor and condensation conditions that correspond to a lifetime of quite more than 20 years.

The certificates are displayed on our homepage.

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