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Thermal insulation for collectors – SPF certification

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Thermal insulation is one of the key components for a good collector. In addition to its thermal properties thermal insulation must be able to meet extraordinarily high requirements that go well beyond what is expected of «normal» insulation.
A key issue is out-gassing from binding agents: out-gassing from insulation is often one of the main causes of failure in collector tests. 

Insulation generally contains binding agents and other chemicals. Modern collectors can easily reach temperatures of around 200 °C. At such high temperatures, substances decompose causing sediments to be deposited on the cover. In general these are visually disturbing and may also affect collector performances considerably, in particular where anti-reflex covers are used.

Certification programme

SPF offers a special certification programme intended for insulation materials used in thermal collectors: insulation materials are subjected to controlled heating and allowed to outgas. Precipitations are visually evaluated and graded. Out-gassing from insulation materials for use with anti-reflex glass are also subjected to spectroscopic analysis.
All certificates issued are published on our website.