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«SPF Info» (USB stick in credit card format)
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The «SPF Info» is a comprehensive collection of data on solar thermal technologies:

  • SPF Collector Catalogue
    (collectors tested at SPF)
  • NEW: Use your own collector data
  • NEW: Unglazed collectors
  • NEW: PVT collectors
  • Solar Collector Factsheets
    (collector test reports)
  • Collector thermal yield calculator
  • Demo version of Polysun
  • Demo version of Meteonorm
  • NEW: SPF Services

Contents of the Collector Catalogue

Screenshot of the technical details view of a collector on the SPF Info
Screenshot of SPF Collector Catalogue
  • Collector efficiency curves
  • More than 450 photos
  • More than 900 sketches
  • Dimensions of the collectors
  • Mounting instructions and operating parameters
  • Specifications of materials used
  • Dealers addresses
  • Comparison of various properties
  • Multilingual: All interfaces and Solar Collector Factsheets in de, en, fr, es, it

The SPF comparison standard: Solar Collector Factsheets

Solar Collector Factsheets: Everything at a glance
Picture of a SPF Solar collector factsheet (SCF) example

The Solar Collector Factsheets are an SPF service. They include all relevant collector information as well as collector performance curves measured according to the EN 12975 and ISO 9806 standards. In order to objectively compare collectors, characteristic solar yields for the three most important solar applications are included.

  • Test reports and labels
  • Picture of installed collector
  • Contact address, regions of distribution
  • Technical details
  • Construction scheme with legend
  • Efficiency coefficients, angle factors
  • Solar yield calculations using Polysun for three standard applications: domestic hot water, water pre-heating, space heating
  • Measurement of pressure drop

Collector thermal yield calculator

Screenshot of the collector thermal yield calculator on the SPF Info
Screenshot of SPF Collector thermal yield calculator
  • Monthly collector yield figures for varying average collector temperatures
  • For all collectors of the SPF Info
  • NEW: Enter your own collector
  • NEW: Unglazed collectors
  • NEW: PVT collectors
  • For over 6000 locations worldwide
  • Collector orientation dependent
  • Includes input of horizon

SPF Services

Screenshot SPF Services
  • Overview on all the SPF Services and available infrastructure
  • Contacts