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SPF can draw upon a vast network of national and international experts for energy systems engineering, simulation and testing. This allows us to find the ideal team of experts for your research and development project. Some of the networks in which we are active are:

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The «building and renewable energies network of Technology» is a network including Swiss colleges, research institutes from the Swiss Institute of Technology (ETH) domain and private institutions with an international network of relationships from the building technology and renewable energy field.

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Innosuisse (formerly CTI)

Innosuisse is the Confederation’s innovation promotion agency. It fosters knowledge and technology transfer between companies and universities by bringing them together as partners on applied research and development projects. CTI also provides assistance to market-oriented R&D projects in which companies and universities work together to develop products and services.



The «Solar Heating and Cooling Programme» of the International Energy Agency was established in 1977. Scientist from all over the world work together on common tasks under this programme.

Since 1985 SPF has been actively engaged in a wide range of tasks and working groups including:

  • Solar Materials Research and Development (Task 10)
  • Advanced Glazing Materials for Solar Applications (Task 18)
  • Solar Combisystems (Task 26)
  • Performance of Solar facade Components (Task 27)
  • Advanced Storage Concepts for Solar Thermal Systems (Task 32)
  • Solar Heat in Industrial Processes (Task 33)
  • Solar Air-Conditioning and Refridgeration (Task 38)
  • Polymeric Materials for Solar Thermal Applications (Task 39)
  • Compact Thermal Energy Storage (Task 42)
  • Combined Solar Thermal and Heat Pump Systems (Task 44)
  • Solar Process Heat for Production and Advanced Applications (Task 49)
  • New Generation Solar Cooling & Heating Systems (Task 53)
  • Price Reduction of Solar Thermal Systems (Task 54)
  • Application of PVT Collectors (Task 60)

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Switzerland is involved in several EU research programmes. These programmes support the cooperation between European research agencies, industry and SMEs. For further information on these programmes please visit Euresearch.

SPF Research has been actively involved in projects funded by the EU from FP4 to FP7. These are e.g. Sunface, NEGST, Solabs, MacSheep, SCOOP, COMTES, SHINE and FRESH-NRG.



The International Solar Energy Society (ISES) has been serving the needs of the renewable energy community since its founding in 1954 as an NGO.The vision of ISES is «Rapid Transition to a Renewable Energy World».

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