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Test reports – positive transparency for higher quality

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With the publication of test reports on our homepage we provide a high transparency and basis for decision makers.

  • Presentation
    Good products deserve an adequate public presentation. Here at SPF we provide a suitable platform to this end. Products that have been successfully tested at SPF are presented on our website together with a brief fact-sheet.
  • Fairplay
    Products with deficiencies are only discussed with the respective manufacturer or client. These results are an important base for the improvement of the respective product.
  • Confidentiality
    No information on ongoing or failed tests is disclosed to third parties. Likewise no such information is disclosed to other client companies.
  • Security
    Cases have been reported in which the SPF logo was used by a company unauthorized to do so. In case of doubts about the genuineness or the accuracy of test results please visit our website.  If a product is nowhere to be found on our website that means that there are no official results to be communicated.


Official test reports contain more details than Factsheets that are published on our website. They are the property of the respective clients and are not publicly accessible. All that is in the public domain is already available on our website. For any additional information please contact directly the respective manufacturer.