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Vela Solaris / Polysun

The simulation tool Polysun was developed at SPF Institute for Solar Technology until the year 2006.

In 2006, Vela Solaris was founded as a Spin-Off of SPF for the purpose of distributing and further developing the software Polysun. Software maintenance and functional advancement are key factors for a long term success in providing an effective tool for the simulation of solar energy projects (PV and/or thermal) as well as any system for the production and distribution of heat and cold, from the most simple configurations to complex system concepts.

Solar Campus

In the year 2007, the Spin-Off Solar Campus GmbH was established, focusing on mobile simulation tools for solar thermal and photovoltaic energy production. The server based simulation kernel "Tachion" is planning, dimensioning and simulating complete systems in few seconds. The user interface "Solar-Toolbox" can be adapted to the needs of customers.


The WaterKiosk Foundation (WKF, former SwissWaterKiosk) with headquarters in Zürich was established in 2011. The goals of WKF are to secure the access to safe and clean drinking water in schools, hospitals and villages with limited access. Projects of the foundation are initiated together with local partners and embedded in a sustainable process that assures a self-determined and self-financed water supply in excess of the project lifetime. WKF emerged from a privately financed technology development at the SPF Institute for Solar Technology. Dr. Elimar Frank, former Head of Research at SPF, is co-founder and board member of WaterKiosk Foundation.

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