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Only colletcors that have been tested by SPF are presented. Therefore this list does not include all the collectors qualified for subsidies.
The published data and the Solar collector factsheets are informal only and are not official test reports. The official test reports are property of the order and therefore not publicly accessible.
Detailed explanation for the parameters and the test methods can be found on our SPF Info CD. The data and information given are therefore explained in short only.

  • Pictures Collector installed on a real building and cross section of the collector
  • General General information about the collector and contact information of the manufacturer/distributor (OEM) of the product.
  • Dimensions The total length and width represent the gross dimensions of the collector module (without the hydraulic connections). The aperture area is the surface of the collector, through which non-concentrated sunlight enters. The correct definition is however rather complicated.
  • Efficiency coefficients Related to the absorber area: These three parameters describe the efficiency of the collector under certain conditions of irradiation and temperatures. The efficiency at an irradiation G, a mean collector temperature Tm and the ambient temperature Ta can be computed as follows:
    η(Tm*) = η0 – a1 ∙ Tm* – a2 ∙ G ∙ Tm
    Tm* = (Tm – Ta) / G
  • Angle factors The two parameters K1 and K2 describe the dependency of the collector efficiency with respect to the angle or irradiation along the longitudinal (along the tube with tubular collectors) and transversal direction at 50°. At perpendicular irradiation onto the collector, the angle factor is = 1 by definition.


Liability and Copyright: The indicated solar savings are computed for properly designed and installed solar plants operated under specific climatic conditions. SPF refuses to accept any liability in case of lack or surplus of solar savings of a real system.
The unauthorized commercial use of the SPF data is prohibited.

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