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The financial support for solar thermal installations by national or any other public subsidy program is based on different factors. Depending on the state, region or municipality different regulations and conditions apply. The vast variety of the programs makes it impossible to host an updated overview of all these possibilities. For the different countries there are however good starting points to more information (without guarantee for completeness):

  • Switzerland: Detailed information including a list of all the colletcors qualified for subsidies in Switzerland is found at Swissolar. This list is maintained by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and includes apart from the SPF tested collectors also products tested by other accredited test labs. Basic requirement is a complete and successful test according to the EN 12975. In general the subsidies are then based on the harmonisiertes Fördermodell
  • Germany: The Bundesamt für Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle (BAFA) publishes a list of the collectors qualified for subsidies. Basic requirement is the Solar Keymark certification plus a minimum performance rating which hast o be confirmed by the accredited test laboratory.

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