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Verres solaires certifiées

Structure of surfaces
Classes of certification
U (ST, No treatment)
Y (ST, Single-sided anti-reflex)
X (ST, Double-sided anti-reflex)
P (PV, untreatet)
R (PV, Single-sided anti-reflex)
Classification: SPF-Nr. | Company | Trade name

Details of certificate

Label SPF17*309-Y1
Certificate number AVIC1705100SGT
Validity 06.2017 - 05.2020

Details of glass

Trade name Tempered Low Iron Solar Glass 3.2 mm
Structure of surfaces matt / matt
Treatment Antireflex 1-sided
Company Avic Sanxin Solar Glass Co., Ltd.
Company address China Glass Industrial Zone
Longzihu District
Beng Bu, Anhui Province
Internet www.sanxinglass.com

Measured values

Transmission Factor Fτ 0.944
IAM Weighting Factor FIAM 1.000
Photodegradation Factor FUV 0.997
Glass efficiency value ηGl 0.941

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