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Verres solaires certifiées

Structure of surfaces
Classes of certification
U (ST, No treatment)
Y (ST, Single-sided anti-reflex)
X (ST, Double-sided anti-reflex)
P (PV, untreatet)
R (PV, Single-sided anti-reflex)
Classification: SPF-Nr. | Company | Trade name

Details of certificate

Label SPF19*329-X1
Certificate number SGGD1902200SGT
Validity 03.2019 - 02.2022

Details of glass

Trade name Albarino T 3.2 mm
Structure of surfaces matt/matt
Treatment Antireflex 2-sided
Company Saint-Gobain Glassolutions Isolierglas-Center GmbH
Company address Niederlassung Mannheim
Spiegelstraße 1
D-68305 Mannheim
Internet www.saint-gobain.com

Measured values

Transmission Factor Fτ 0.956
IAM Weighting Factor FIAM 1.001
Photodegradation Factor FUV 1.000
Glass efficiency value ηGl 0.957

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