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11.10.2016 bis 14.10.2016
International Conference on Solar Energy for Buildings and Industry, EuroSun 2016

Palma / Mallorca (ES)

Mit Beiträgen zu folgenden Themen von WissenschaftlerInnen des SPF:

  • Direct radiation measurements for the evaluation of process heat systems with concentrating solar thermal collectors
    Dr. Mercedes Rittmann-Frank
  • Evaluation of thermal losses in parabolic through collector fields of solar process heat plants in Switzerland
    Jana Möllenkamp
  • Seasonal thermal energy storage with aqueous sodium hydroxide – experimental methods for increasing the heat and mass transfer by improving surface wetting
    Dr. Mihaela Dudita
  • Durability of spectrally selective absorber coatings used in unglazed solar thermal collectors
    Dr. Mihaela Dudita
  • Experimental investigations of heat exchangers in ice storages for combined solar and heat pump systems
    Dr. Dani Carbonell
  • Innovative combinations of solar energy and heat pumps
    Dr. Michel Haller

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