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02.12.2015 bis 04.12.2015
Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry conference, SHC 2015

Istanbul (TR)


  • IEA SHC Task 42 / ECES Annex 29 - Compact Thermal Energy Storage
    M. Rommel
  • Thermal Energy Sorption Storage System and Assessment
    P. Gantenbein
  • Durability Assessing of Modern Absorbers Used in Glazed and Unglazed Solar Thermal Collectors
    M. Dudita
  • Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage with Aqueous Sodium Hydroxide – Experimental Assessments of the Heat and Mass Exchanger Unit
    X. Daguenet-Frick
  • Thermal Storage Stratification Efficiency: A New Test Method Reveals Large Differences Between Six Combistores
    M. Haller
  • Simulation of a Solar-ice System for Heating Applications. Part I: System Validation with One Year of Monitoring Data
    D. Carbonell
  • Simulation of Very High Snowloads on Solar Thermal Collectors
    A. Bohren
  • Simulation of a Solar-ice System for Heating Applications. Part II: System Concept, Cost and LCA Analyses
    D. Carbonell
  • Quantification of Glare from Reflected Sunlight of Solar Installations
    F. Ruesch


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