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The SPF Info CD contains a comprehensive collector catalogue (with collectors tested at the SPF institute) as well as a variety of software tools, demo programs and a vast selection of current SPF publications.

The Weekly Solar Keymark Database Report

Starting from 01.04.2017

Are you interested in changes of Solar Keymark certified products?
Which company has new products? Which product data have been changed?
Which products are not available anymore? Would be good to know!

There are already more than 500 modifications on Solar Keymark certificates in 2017!

All information is available in the new SPF "Weekly Solar Keymark Database Report".

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TubeCalc is a useful (freeware) program that enables users to rapidly calculate pressure losses and flow conditions in collector and piping loops.


Our experts develop and program simulation models fort he simulation environment TRNSYS. Some of them can be downloaded and used free of charge:

Customised products

Let your wishes combine with our near 30 year experience in research, development, consulting and testing in the field of solar thermal energy for an effective and efficient solution. Our portfolio includes:

  • Customised software-tools
  • Simulation studies in the field of thermodynamics
  • TRNSYS components for system simulation purposes
  • Absorber and collector design
  • Selective absorber coatings
  • Systems orientated design

Contact infonospam@nospam spf.ch



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