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Photovoltaics – Mobile Test Laboratory

With our mobile PV test laboratory photovoltaic modules can be tested in detail, analysed and rated. It delivers resilient information e.g. in the case of suspected loss of efficiency or safety related deficiencies of modules or safety-related deficiencies of panels, as well as for general quality checks during operation or as inspection of new panels delivered to a storehouse or on-site.

Extensive Quality Control

Exact determination oft he performance of new or used PV modules can be carried out with our mobile PV laboratory on-site. Hidden deficiencies of amorphous, poly- or monocrystalline modules can be made visible with I/V-curve, electroluminescence, infrared and HighPot measurements. Thanks to the integrated climatisation of the mobile test lab, standard conditions can be guaranteed also in the field. Thus, weak points and risks can be discovered before the failure of modules safety issues arise.

Flasher for I/V curve
Irradiance 200 – 1200 W/m²
Class Triple A (spectrum, long term instability (LTI), non uniformity (IEC 60904-9 Ed.2))

Resolution 300 μm/pixel

IR (infrared) camera
Resolution 120 x 160 pixel

Dielectric withstands test (MST 16)
Ground continuity test (MST 13 according to IEC 61730-2)

Possible applications

Control of delivered products at the storehouse or at the construction site
Suspected safety problems
Suspected loss of efficiency
General quality control

Our services

On-site measurements
Extensive analysis of all relevant measurement and test results
Automated test report
Fault analysis
Evaluatioin of possible future risks

For questions and offers please contact:

testingnospam@nospam spf.ch

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