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Hailresistance of collectors

Depending on the region and the type, collectors may be at risk of hail damage. Not all collectors are suitable for every location. The effective thread and hence the loss potential is based on the frequency of occurrence and the size of hail stones to be expected.

In Switzerland the hail hazard is well known and for collectors three different zones of danger have been defined. Depending on the location it is therefore recommended to install only collectors with appropriate hail resistance. The Swiss building insurances therefore keep a register of the hail resistance of different collector types.  

On an international level the effective hazard is known in less detail but still clearly depending on the location (SwissRe)

Risk for hail damage in Switzerland: Classification depending on hail stone diameter (Source: Vereinigung Kantonaler Feuerversicherungen)
Risk for hail damage in Europe: Clasification comprises 5 leves fomr I (low exposure) to V (high exposure)

Hail resistance test (Ice or steel balls)

We offer full hail testing of solar thermal collectors. Different sizes of hail stones up to 50 mm, different impact speeds and stone temperatures are available to cover all the currently available international norm tests.  

Testing the impact resistance using steel balls according to the different international norms is also possible. This test method is however considered as somewhat unrealistic. 

To submit a quote we need full details of your collectors (collector questionnaire).
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