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Competencies in Solar Technology & Energy Systems

The SPF has been a driving force in research and development of innovative energy technologies for more than 30 years. And we offer you our support and competence as a partner, for example within the area of:

Buildings & Building Technology

The performance of building energy systems is becoming increasingly important in building services engineering.
For this reason, the thinking in systems is always an important part in our projects.
We use different simulation programs such as IDA ICE or TRNSYS in order to simulate HVAC systems and for studying user behavior and complex building envelopes.

On behalf of architects and HVAC engineers, we assess the thermal behavior of complex buildings and building energy systems with regard to possible overheating in summer and heat demand in winter, and simulate innovative heating and cooling concepts before they are applied in pilot and demonstration projects (see P&D OblaTherm and ProsumerSkin).
We also investigate the energy performance gap of multifamily buildings (see ImmoGap) or the effect of individual room control on the final energy demand for space heating (see OpEEr, ErrEnEff).


BSc. MAS Igor Mojic

Tel. +41 (0)55 222 4162


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