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Concise Cycle Test

The "Concise Cycle Test" method (CCT) is a special dynamic method developed at the institute for solar technologies SPF to test systems that provide space heat and domestic hot water (combi-systems). The method has been applied at SPF successfully for the testing of heating systems based on oil, natural gas, wood-pellets, air-source and ground source heat pumps and solar energy (solar thermal collectors and/or PV arrays).

  • Test-setup
    The entire system, including auxiliary heating, hydraulics and controllers, is installed on SPF’s indoor test rig. The test-building and solar energy harvesting are simulated and emulated in real-time using controlled heat sources and sinks.
  • Test cycle
    A special six-day test cycle was developed to test a complete, solar-combined heating system in dynamic operation. All relevant conditions that may occur in a typical year in the climate of Zürich are included. Over this period of time the system should operate realistically, with no human interference, to cover the defined space and water heating requirements.
  • Combination with photovoltaics
    It is possible to combine PV-modules instead of – or in addition to – solar thermal collectors with the tested heating system. Thus, it is possible to test and optimize control strategies for a maximized self-consumption of PV-electricity.
  • Annual simulations
    A complete simulation model can be set up and compared using the measured data. This model provides the opportunity to simulate and calculate distinctive parameters caused by system variations without any further practical tests and thus to identify any improvement potentials.
  • Research and development
    The combination of different heat sources within a single system sets high standards for the design of hydraulics and controllers. We are able to support your development projects with accurate and efficient measurements. With regard to enhancing your system we provide you with a unique test rig, the well-proven CCT method, as well as our established expertise in system integration and control.


The following documents contain additional details:

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